Career Transitions

Have you ever peeked over your neighbour’s fence and daydreamed about what life could be like in that yard? The expression “the grass isn’t always greener” is often used as a warning, but from my vantage point, looking at careers as opposed to courtyards, I believe it’s always worth taking the opportunity to pop over the fence and feel the […]

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Are You Curious?

How curiosity has become my super power for success Do you remember Curious George? That adorable monkey always managed to get into mischief due to his insatiable curiosity, yet the story always ended on a high note. In every book, George’s curious ways led to a positive outcome (and praise from the man in the yellow hat!). When I was […]

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Invest in Talent Mapping

Invest in your talent strategy now in order to gain competitive advantage for the future. You may be thinking this isn’t the right time to bring on a new hire. With budgets, economies and quarantine policies in flux, you may not be ready to make a commitment, not only to a new employee, but also the time and money to […]

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The Passion Principle

When it’s time to pivot your career and find your perfect role. Most people reach a point in their professional lives where they hit a wall and question whether they’ve gone down the right path. And sometimes, that wall is put there through circumstances such as a layoff, economic downturn, relocation or other factor. In any case, many of us […]

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Building Your Dream Team

How to attract (and keep) the candidate of your dreams. Throughout my career, I’ve made many professional matches. I’ve worked with executives in a wide variety of industries, recruiting for many different roles, and in both strong and weak economies (like the one we’re currently experiencing).  Some would say recruiting is a lot like developing personal relationships. And similar to […]

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Five tips for engaging new employees

Onboarding in a Pandemic

Five tips for engaging new employees in this “new normal.” Starting a new role can be stressful for both employees and employers, even in the best of times. In the current environment, there are added considerations to keep in mind. While the situation may be different, there are many ways to ensure that it is equally successful for all parties. […]

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